Wellness Examinations and Vaccinations

Wellness examinations: By bringing your pet once or twice a year allows our experienced veterinarians to identify potential medical concern early enough before it develops into a more serious condition. Vaccination:


• Cat flew

• Panleukopenia

• Leukemia

• Chlamydiosis


• Hepatitis

• Parvo 

• Canine Distemper 

• Leptospirosis 

• Kennel Cough vaccines against Bordetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza (both Pneumodog and KC are available) 

• Leishmaniasis 

• Rabies Specialized or Taylor made vaccination packages are provided for puppies according to the needs. Wellness examinations might be accompanied by additional routine exams such as blood analysis, chest and abdominal x rays and ultrasound. 

Doing an All INCLUSIVE exam gives you the opportunity to have a comprehensive detailed idea of your Pets health at a smaller cost.

 An ALL-INCLUSIVE EXAM costs 150 euro and includes the following:

1.Hematological blood analysis

2.Biochemical blood analysis

3.Two x rays(Chest/Abdominal)

4.Abdominal ultrasound