Stelios Horaitis

Dr. Stelios Horaitis(Head Veterinarian/Manager)

Dr Stelios Horaitis, the Head Veterinarian and owner, graduated from the St Istvan Veterinary University of Budapest Hungary in 1997. He then continued his training by completing a series of courses in other European Universities. Some of the courses include: Emergency and Critical care (University of Bern Switzerland), Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery/ Surgery of the Head and Neck /Oncology and Plastic Surgery (University of Vienna Austria), Feline Orthopedics (University of Torino Italy), Hematology and Infectious Diseases (Davos Switzerland) and Ultrasound and Radiology (University of Luxembourg). He is very passionate about wildlife, a very energetic birdwatcher and thus his hobbies have made him travel all around the world in different exotic destinations seeking for adventures. He also enjoys going fishing with good friends and good food.