Stanimir Strasimirov

Stanimir Strasimirov(Head Veterinary Nurse)

Stanimir or Stanis as we call him is the oldest member of our team. He has been working with Dr. Stelios for eleven years. He became a Qualified Veterinary Nurse since 1994, after completing his studies at VMT Lovech Technological School, Bulgaria. He also trained in Viena as a Surgical Assistant, where he was the most popular attendant! Now he holds the title of the Head Veterinary Assistant and trains all new employees. All these years of experience have made him number one! Routine orthopedic and basic soft tissue surgeries are his bread and better. He is the most amazing animal handler. There is not a single patient that Stanis cannot handle or win over. However, his knowledge does not stop there. Stanis is a very skilled groomer as well and he can give you advice on how to groom your pet. Extremely kind and helpful with the clients and his colleagues. Very proud owner of Goldie, a Goldie Retriever which is probably the number one blood donor pet in Cyprus saving many dogs so far.