Pet Travelling and Passports


All Dogs and Cats traveling in EU countries must have a passport issued preferably by an EU member country. They must be vaccinated against Rabies at least 21 days before traveling as well as microchipped.

For animals that they are regularly vaccinated against Rabies and their vaccine is still valid vaccination prior to flight is not necessary. 

Microchipping is important to be done either at the time or before vaccinating against Rabies as proof that the vaccine has been done to the animal with the microchip number mentioned in the passport.

24 to 48 hours before flying all animals need to have a PREFLIGHT CHECK where the Vet has to treat against Echinococcus and ectoparasites and sign the passport that the animal is healthy and capable of to flying or transported to its destination. non-EU Countries


Same regulations apply as for E.U. but a HEALTH CERTIFICATE from a Government Vet is required after the preflight check is completed by your private Vet.

Knowing the laws and regulation of most of the countries of the world, we are ready to assist you to travel with your pet anywhere. Our 20-year experiences make us trustworthy and reliable to prepare all necessary documents your pet need in order to travel without any trouble.