Grooming can either be done in the grooming salon located in our hospital or in one of the other two locations in Germasogeia(Dog Spa etc) and Thessaloniki str. (The Dog Spa) and offering a wide variety of treatments and haircuts.

The salon located in the hospital specializes in animals having skin problems or allergies where one of our doctors will be able to evaluate each case and choose the appropriate shampoo or medicaments that can be used during the grooming. 

Cats, in general, could be quite difficult to groom or bath, so their grooming many times has to be done under sedation and Veterinary supervision.


• Brushing and removal of excess hair and tangles 

•Gentle ear cleansing 

•Nail clipping/trimming

•Anal gland emptying 

•Warm, sudsy bath to remove deep down dirt and dander 


•Finishing touches under paws, tails, sanitary area 

•Perfume spritz or cologne 

•Pretty Girl or Handsome Boy neck scarf 

•Stylish haircuts according to the breed (hand scissor and/or clipper) 

•Hand stripping for specific breeds such as Westies, Schnauzers, etc.


• Brushing and removal of excess hair and tangles 

• Gentle ear cleansing 

• nail clipping/trimming 

• Anal gland emptying 

• Warm, sudsy bath removing deep down dirt and dander 

• Blow-drying 

• Finishing touches under paws, tails and sanitary area 

• Perfume spritz or cologne 

• Pretty Girl or Handsome Boy neck scarf

Spa Treatments

Hair colors (using non-toxic Pet Esthe dyes. 100% safe and made for pets) Aromatherapy: Herbal aromas applied to have a calming effect combined with a unique repair of damaged hair or irritated skin and coat. Aromatic salt bath offering tremendous benefits on skin rejuvenation. Flea & tick preventive treatments using activated charcoal shampoos and conditioners.