Demetris Isaia

Dr. Demetris Isaia (Veterinarian)

Dr. Dimitris Isaias graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon from the English program of Veterinary Medicine at the Forestry University of Sofia, Bulgaria in 2016 and started working in a clinic in Pafos. He spent his childhood in his family farm and from a young age, he showed his interest in taking care of animals. Throughout his six years of vet school, he donated his time helping to spay, neuter, and provide medical care to hundreds of homeless animals in Sofia, Bulgaria. He also volunteered at the Central Veterinary clinic and Artus Veterinary Clinic in Sofia, continuing to care for homeless and unwanted animals. He served as a Veterinary Technician in Pafos Zoo and also participated in vaccination and immunization of flocks all around Bulgaria and the borders of Croatia. He is one of the latest members that joined our team in 2018 to provide our customers with valuable advice for all their domestic pets and their livestock. When not at work, Dimitris can usually be found taking care of his own menagerie of animals which includes birds, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, and peacocks. He also enjoys cycling, swimming, metal forging, listening to music and just hanging out with family and friends.