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Complete pet food for adult cats FELIX chunks are tender, delicious, and absolute impossible for clever cats to resist. With the delicious taste of tuna in our recipe, it's no surprise cats love FELIX! Our Tuna in Jelly pouch is packed with fishy pieces in a succulent jelly for an irresistible meal every time. Every recipe contains 100% of the nutrients your adult cat needs for their daily health, including a blend of vitamins such as vitamins D and E, a balance of minerals, and omega 6 for their health. Every mouthful is full of deliciousness as well as goodness, making every mealtime a great one.. Our complete and balanced recipes fulfil 100% of your cat's daily needs. We add vitamins D and E, minerals, and omega 6 to help support their health. Designed by expert in pet nutrition, using quality ingredients that you can trust. In a 100g pouch that keeps the freshness in. For fish loving felines!. FELIX.