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Ingredients: Fish and fish by-products (25% fresh oily fish), cereals (14% rice), meat and animal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, minerals, vegetable by-products (0.1% inulin from chicory, a source of FOS), mannan-oligosaccharide. Almo Nature Holistic Oily Fish & Rice is a balanced complete dry food for adult cats, particularly delicious and highly digestible. The recipe contains more than 50% high-quality meat and fish, with 25% of this being freshly caught fish, which acts as a source of premium protein as well as providing valuable unsaturated fatty acids. This food has been gently prepared and naturally preserved, which makes the large quantity of fish well accepted and fulfils your cat's nutritional needs in a species-appropriate manner. This high-quality food is ideal for cats of any breed or age. The nutritious, digestible recipe uses a mix of grains and rice (14%), vitamins, minerals and essential vitamins. A healthy balanced gut flora is supported through FOS and MOS, with healthy skin and glossy fur promoted by the biotine content of the food. Almo Nature Holistic Oily Fish & Rice prides itself on being free from artificial additives such as colours, flavours and preservatives.